Change the World with a Data Science Degree in New York

by | Jun 9, 2016 | Education and Training


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Not too long ago, the job market took a massive hit with the Great Recession. Millions of jobs were lost as businesses were forced to lay off their loyal employees. One job sector remained unruffled, however, and that was business analytics. At RSquare Edge, we offer our students a unique opportunity to take hold of their futures and step into a job market that has quadrupled in the last six years alone. Whether your degree turned out to be less helpful than expected, or you simply want more out of your life, a data science degree in New York is your best option. In order to decide on this opportunity, ask yourself a simple question. Are you dedicated to your own future, as well as the health and livelihood of your loved ones? The answer to this question should always be “yes,” and it is time to take the steps necessary in order to make your ambitions a reality.

The Value of Your Degree Is Unlimited

We understand that there are questions and worries that come along with the choice of a new career path. It is important to understand just how much value lies in a data science degree. Studies have shown that companies across industry lines are happy to pay six-figure salaries for data scientists fresh out of school. Competition is fierce among companies, and this struggle has sent wages skyrocketing upwards. RSquare Edge is dedicated to the complete, practical training of all our students in order to ensure these opportunities are available quickly after a degree is obtained. In fact, your investment in RSquare Edge is likely to be returned in full and more within only six months of employment. That is absolutely outrageous, and yet so phenomenally realistic when Big Data is involved.

RSquare Edge can guarantee that our degree gives you an increased edge in today’s market. Compared to the experience of a student with only an MS in data science, a student with a data science degree from RSquare Edge has a 160% increased chance at investment return within a year. Can you imagine that? Your livelihood and that of your family is guaranteed a better chance of success in our hands.

Do Not Let This Slip Through Your Fingers

Too often, students fresh out of university are discouraged by the lack of job opportunity. Rather than allowing such a problem to stop you in your tracks, go online in order to research the enormous opportunities available to you right now. Your future career is only twelve weeks away from becoming your reality. You owe it to yourself, so go online now.

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