Change of Address Made Easy with NCOALink Certified Software

The NCOA, otherwise known as the National Change of Address, is a database that comprises over 100 million change of address records. These records cater to the efficiency and fluidity of the postal service, allowing packages, mail and parcels to be delivered on time and to the proper destination. NCOA software helps maintain a standardized system in which changed mailing addresses are consistently updated. NCOALink certified software makes it possible to keep an exhaustive and detailed record of all changed addresses in the database.

List Management

The most invaluable benefit of this software is automatic list management, as opposed to the less efficient alternative of manual list management. Imagine if millions of people applied for a change of address in a single day, and you were forced to record manual entries of each person’s newly updated address. This would neither be time efficient, nor would it be tenable in the world of mail delivery. As communication speeds increase, people require speedier, more reliable services to transport goods, documents and much more. As a result, an automated, live, change of address system that updates mailing lists automatically can alleviate the burden of making manual changes.

Technologically Savvy

NCOALink certified software ensures that the system compiling updated addresses is equipped to handle these matters. This software allows postal companies to gauge the accuracy of their current mailing list technology so they can integrate new information on a regular basis.


NCOA software is both expeditious and cost-effective as well. Live change of address updates, alongside a standardized collection of change of address records, helps reduce postage costs while expediting the rate of mail delivery. Mail can be delivered punctually within the designated time frame and without errors or complications in the change of address interface. Of course, this software also saves money by minimizing the costs of manual mailing lists. In the world of postal service technology, efficiency equates to more savings overall.

More specifically, this technology can minimize the expenses associated with printing, postage, as well as mail processing and address correction.

Why NCOA Technology?

An impressive 40 million change of address requests are filed each year. This software is generally updated on a weekly basis and it can save address information for approximately 4 years.

This technology is designed to address essential moves, including individual, family and business moves. With an individual move, full name and gender are often screened alongside profession. However, in the case of a family move, only a surname is needed. A change in address for a business firm only requires a match in the business name. With the right screening software, you can ensure that the postal service is always up to date.


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