Catering Services In Weston Will Make Your Next Event Great

Whether you’re having a family gathering, birthday, retirement, anniversary party, or wedding, the food that you serve will be talked about for many weeks following the event. In addition to great food, the venue for an event shouldn’t break your budget. Catering services in Weston can provide a venue and great-tasting quality food.

Catering could involve appetizers or an entire meal, depending on an individual’s preference. They’ll be no reason for an individual to worry about spending time decorating before the event because the catering service will take care of everything from begging to end. This allows the individual who is having the event to enjoy themselves while things run smoothly throughout the night.

Catering Menu Prices

Catering menus start at $30 per person and include two appetizers, three main courses, and dessert. If an individual wants more selection, they could choose the $40 catering menu that includes three appetizers, five main courses, and dessert. In addition, a catering service will custom-tailor a meal to fit an individual’s needs.


If an individual wants appetizers for their event, they can choose from Bruschetta, Caprese, filet Carpaccio, Burrata board, seafood salad, antipasto Tarantella, Italian wings, shrimp Alla Cristian, fried Calamari, mussels marinara, mama meatballs, and much more.


A wide selection of entrees is available by catering services in Weston, including chicken Francese, chicken primavera, chicken Roma, chicken Zingara, eggplant Parmesan, shrimp, veal and much more. All entries are made fresh with the best ingredients on the market today.

Size Of Event

When an event needs to be scheduled, there are rooms available for 20-200 people that catering services in Weston will be able to provide. It won’t matter whether an event is small or large, catering services will still be the best in the area. The catering service will work closely to prepare an elegant or casual meal that meets the needs of the event.

Planning an event will be very easy when you choose Tarantella Ristorante & Pizzeria. They have years of experience with imaginative cuisine and impeccable service. They want to build a lasting relationship with each customer, so they’ll keep coming back for years to come. You can also connect them on Facebook.

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