Car Repair Companies in Forest Lake, MN Generally Have an Increasingly Large Female Customer Base

Over the years, automotive technicians with car repair companies in Forest Lake MN have become accustomed to their customer base consisting of many more women than was true decades ago. More women drive and own cars than ever before. In fact, about half of passenger vehicles in the United States are now owned by women. The margin between male and female owners is a slim one, but the statistic is remarkable nevertheless. Hardly anyone would have predicted that just a few generations ago.

Vehicle Sales to Women

Women are particularly represented in sales of new cars as well as in the new and used market for compact and midsized vehicles. Interestingly, they also make up an increasingly large percentage of pickup truck buyers. These factors mean that Car Repair Companies in Forest Lake MN must be able to respond effectively to their female customer base, not relying on old-fashioned ideas that men are the only people who know much about vehicles.

Men and Women and Car Repair

In today’s world, men are still more likely to do minor and even moderate repair work on their passenger vehicles than women are. That doesn’t always mean they know more about what symptoms indicate than women do, however.

Today’s female vehicle owner is more likely than ever to understand the basics of automotive components and, often, much more than the basic overview. When she brings her car or pickup in for repair, she has probably already looked up the symptoms on the Internet. She may have a solid idea of what the problem is and what a reasonable repair cost should be.

A female driver will notice a squealing noise when turning the steering wheel and connect it to the fluid spots on the driveway. She’ll check the power steering fluid container and see that the level is low. At this point, she’s not sure where the leak is, but she understands there is something wrong with the system. She can describe the issues in detail when she calls an automotive repair service such as American Imports. Contact us to set an appointment today.

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