Car Insurance in Decatur, GA

Accidents Happen

Sometimes accidents just happen and when they do you can rest assured your car insurance policy will protect you if you have one.

If you own a vehicle, then you know the importance of good car insurance in Decatur, GA. When you drive, you are responsible for the safety of everyone in your vehicle, pedestrians, and other drivers. That is why it is important you are adequately covered by quality insurance. Auto insurance covers your liability for costs associated with an accident. But, did you know that some auto policies can also cover the value of your vehicle plus cover your legal and financial costs in the event of an accident?

Types of Car Insurance in Decatur, GA

Car insurance protects you financially by providing coverage to meet the expenses after an auto accident.

Auto Insurance consists of three main protections.

* Liability insurance covers the vehicle and passengers that you hit if you are at fault in an accident.

* Collision insurance covers damages to your vehicle if it is damaged during an accident up to the policy limits.

* Comprehensive insurance pays for damages that are not caused by a collision such as damage from floods, hail, theft or vandalism.

Some auto policies also offer additional protection such as medical payments to cover injuries received during an accident, PIP which covers medical expenses and lost wages, emergency road service in the event you are stranded in your vehicle, and uninsured/underinsured motorist protection which covers your costs if the vehicle at fault does not have insurance or does not have high enough policy limits to cover the expenses.

Remember that purchasing the minimum amount of insurance required for your state does not mean you are adequately insured. New vehicles are expensive, so at the minimum, you should obtain a policy to cover a new vehicle.


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