Can’t Remember to Have Your Oil Change? 4 Tips and Tricks to Follow

Getting regular oil change in Frankford at Midway TX is a solid step to ensuring your engine stays in good working condition. However, here are a few helpful tips and tricks you could put to good use as well:


With plenty of instructions online, you could try your hand at changing the oil yourself. Start by reading the manual first. Review everything, chapter and verse. Next, you’ll need tools. If you already have them or good. Once these are lined up—wrench, torque wrench, oil filter and enough oil for a fresh batch, drain pan, car ramps and more—you’ll be good to go. The Car Connection provides a nice list of instructions you can follow.

Go with pros

This can get messy, though. If you don’t want to get down and dirty changing the oil, you’ll be better off hiring a pro. Pros can do this much faster. Hiring pros is also easier and more convenient for you. With trained experts to handle the oil change, you can put your time to better use.

Put it on your calendar

If you keep missing the date or find yourself forgetting to get to that scheduled maintenance check and oil change in Frankford at Midway TX, mark your calendar. Put that schedule on the fridge or family board if you’ve got one. Make a personal note of it in your schedule as well. These should help you remember it’s time to get an oil change.

Remind yourself in advance

Don’t just put in a reminder for the date. Put in several reminders, a few days apart. It might seem excessive but if you’re hopeless with dates, this will help a lot. By the time your calendar alert sounds for the nth time, you’ll know it’s because you need to get your car to an oil change asap.


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