Can You Make Money With Reseller Web Hosting?

Many small businesses and entrepreneurs are looking for simple strategies to generate additional income for the business. For companies, consultants and service providers in the business, IT and computer or technology fields, adding a reseller web hosting account may be a very smart choice.

Ideally, to make reseller web hosting a viable option which does require a lot of additional marketing, it should be a natural match for your primary business or service. An IT consultant, a website design firm a business consultant or a professional working on ecommerce sites would all have a potential market base of web hosting with their current customers and clients.

Unused Resources Put to Use

When becoming a reseller, the key is to utilize the unused resources of your own dedicated service or hosting plan. By reselling this space, it is possible to offset the cost of your own hosting and to also develop a steady stream of passive income.

The key is in finding a hosting service offering a turnkey operation. This includes access to the controls needed to quickly and easily set up customers as well as to manage billing, payments and account management in an intuitive, easy to use dashboard.

White Label Hosting

A nice touch to consider if you are interested in making reseller hosting a small or a large part of any business is to use a host offering White Label Hosting. This is an unbranded program by the hosting company to the reseller. As the reseller, you can use your own branding, which adds to your marketing and service options to your current and potential customer base. You will also be able to set the package prices to be competitive in your market area.

While the branding and label will be yours, the hosting company will still manage the hosting service, handle technical and support calls and overall maintenance of the system.

It is possible to make money with reseller web hosting. The essential component is in finding a top hosting company to partner with and provide the services your customers require.

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