Can Low Antifreeze Affect the Performance of Your Car?

Low antifreeze does not just affect the performance of your car, it can actually cause your car to breakdown with potentially irreversible engine damage. The purpose of the antifreeze is to basically prevent your engine from overheating. It is a relatively simple chemical compound, but one that is absolutely critical to the performance of your vehicle. An antifreeze supplier in Florida can help you decide which formula is best for your vehicle and your level of comfort working with automotive fluids. Some antifreeze comes undiluted, which means you need to mix it with distilled water before pouring it in. A lot of commercial brands make pre-mixed antifreeze, which is more convenient, especially for keeping in your trunk in case of emergencies. Sometimes you don’t realize that the antifreeze level in your car is low until you are on the road. If you are in the middle of nowhere and the engine light comes on, having antifreeze in the trunk could save you from a costly breakdown and potentially save your car from the trash heap.

At best, low antifreeze will affect the performance of your car by drying out the water pump, warping the head gaskets, or making it impossible to run the heater. At worst, low antifreeze can mess up your transmission (permanently), burst radiator hoses because of the increased pressure buildup, or seize the pistons. Antifreeze is supposed to be circulating through the radiator and engine all the time while your car is running. For the cost of antifreeze, it really is not worth running into preventable problems like these. An antifreeze supplier in Florida has exactly what you need to keep your car running at top performance. Antifreeze is a perfect example of how simple service and maintenance can save you a ton of money on your vehicle.


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