Buying J Bolts: Tips For Contractors

For the average small business that may do a limited amount of concrete work, using J bolts available from local contractor supply companies or even local hardware stores may provide all the materials needed for the job.

Large scale projects and companies focusing on a new home or commercial building construction will find that working with a specialty company that supplies J bolts is a time and cost saving factor. In addition to having standard sizes, these companies can also assist in the design and production of custom orders, allowing your business to have the materials needed delivered right to your door.

When looking for a manufacturer of J or U bolts, or other types of bolt fasteners, always take the time to compare different companies. While price will typically be a concern, there are other issues that are just as important to compare.

Turnaround Time

Typically, a contractor will have an ongoing need for standard sizes of J bolts based on their construction niche. For example, residential contractors will have different needs for sizes of these bolts than commercial building contractors. The sizes will often be standard based on building codes and structural needs.

However, with some types of construction, both residential, as well as commercial custom bolts, may be required to provide the anchoring strength needed for various types of structural components. Checking to find out the typical turnaround time on special orders should be a factor to consider.

On Time Delivery

For standard types of orders for J and U bolts, asking the company about their on-time delivery rate is important. There are some companies that have been in business and have built a solid customer base through their quality, promise of delivery times and their follow through on those promises.

Finally, comparing price will be an important consideration. Just make sure the price is considered with the company reputation, quality of products and the range of products offered.


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