Buying a House? 4 Pointers in Choosing a Community

When you buy a home, you do more than pick a property; you’re also choosing a community. Below are a few pointers you’ll want to take into consideration before you settle on one.

Make a profile

Put together a list of everything you want to see in your ideal neighborhood. Do you want to live near the beach or water? Are you looking for a community you want to move into when you retire? This will help you figure out what you want, the HGTV says. Use that to pick a neighborhood.

Consider the travel time

Are there transportation hubs nearby? If you work at an office, is the travel time doable for you? You’ll want to mull that over when you check out communities in St. Johns County.

Check your budget

It’s not enough to buy property at a great price. Consider all the other expenses you’re going to incur as well. If the property is a bit of distance away from your workplace, how much will you need to spend on gas? Be sure to ask about the home association fees. Are there any other charges you’ll need to pay for? Find out before you pick one out of the many communities in St. Johns County.

Determine your reasons

Why are you buying property? Do you want to move into it right away or use it as a retirement home? Be sure to read the community guidelines. Some don’t allow the properties to be rented so that’s going to be a concern for you.


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