Buying a Dump Truck in Texas – Helpful Tips

by | Sep 20, 2018 | Automotive


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Are you a contractor in need of a good dump truck in Texas? These trucks are some of the hardest working and handiest vehicles a contractor can own. A good dump can do many jobs including hauling bulk materials and towing. However, when you check out dumps for sale, you may notice a large difference in prices, especially with used models. Here are some tips to help you get the best vehicle for your money.

Check Out the Engine

If you plan to work your truck hard, you need something with plenty of horsepower. In fact, a hard working truck should have at least 300 horsepower or more. However, with more horsepower comes more fuel usage so make sure to pick a vehicle with an engine capable of handling your specific needs.

When buying a used dump truck in Texas, make sure the engine is in good operating condition. If it has a lot of miles on it, check to see if it is rebuilt. Also, ask to see the maintenance records.

Do You Really Need an Automatic Transmission?

Dumps with automatic transmissions are more expensive than standard transmissions. They are easier to drive, but manual transmissions can give better fuel mileage, and the driver has more control. If your driver spends many hours each day behind the wheel, you might want to consider an automatic.

Load Capacity

What kind of loads do you typically haul? Can you get by with a single rear axle dump truck in Texas? To find out, take the gross weight limit of the truck and subtract the vehicle weight. On average, if you have a class 3 truck, you should buy a tandem axle if you plan to haul 3 tons or more of weight. Yet, this can vary, and your truck specialists can answer all your questions.

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