Butterfly Valves Can Help You with Your Flow Control Requirements

A well created butterfly valve is the best way to control your flow control requirements. This is especially true when you invest in a modular line of butterfly valves like the Bray butterfly valves in Houston, TX. You get great compatibility, flow control, and quality performance. There are many different series for butterfly valves that give you the option of choosing the precise valve for your particular use. The goal of a stringently produced butterfly valve is to meet your standards so you have quality flow control. It has taken years of field application experience, development, and research to produce different butterfly valves that perfectly meet flow control requirements in many industries.

Automated Butterfly Valves

The butterfly valve series 31 is a 2-way and 3-way valve for diverting and mixing, chilled and hot water for special applications and steam. It is designed for general applications and features a very long service life with interchangeable components with easy parts replacement. This type of valve adequately regulates the flow steam of cold and hot water through many types of heat exchangers and coils. The 2-way valve has an equal percentage flow feature. The 3-way valve offers a linear flow. Both the 2-way and 3-way butterfly valves have a very high range of ability with a bubble tight shut off capacity. They are easy to install and maintain, as well. Other features they provide include aluminum bronze discs, fluroelastomer seats for temperatures reaching up to +400°F, and cast steel bodies.

High Performance Butterfly Valves

Flow-Tech Industries offers a variety of butterfly valves sure to meet your requirements. Other butterfly valves including series 41, series 20/21, and the 316 stainless steel butterfly valve can all be used in various industries including chemical, food, and beverage industries. Each valve has their unique points that can meet high performance needs and various flow control requirements. Follow them on Facebook.


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