Brighten Up a Space with Decor, Paint and Wall Repair in Kansas City MO

During the winter, the days keep getting shorter, darker and colder. Due to this, many people opt to stay inside, where the interior design of their home can significantly affect their mood. People tend to spend time in common areas of their homes reading, watching television, and taking advantage of family time. That is why Platinum Painting LLC offers some tips on some things that will help to brighten a home on the dreariest of days. They are relatively easy to do and the result will be satisfying.

Remove Window Screens

Some may not realize how much sunlight is filtered out by window screens. This is something that is great during the summer but considers removing them in the colder months. This will allow more sunlight into the home, offering an open and brighter feel.

Update Lighting

The color of the light bulbs used can provide a drastic difference in the feel of a room. While warm lights might be best for bedrooms and relaxing spaces, cool white lights offer a better fit for an open concept living room. Try several different color temperatures until you find the best one for the particular space.

Go with Lighter Colors

Consider using light colored drapes, tablecloths, and furniture coverings to brighten a space. Dark patterns and deep colors will only cause a room to feel darker. On the other hand, the light will reflect off of warm colors and bring even more light into space. Keep this in mind when choosing paint colors too. If there are any areas that need patching, it is good to take care of any ceiling or Wall Repair in Kansas City MO while in the decorating phase.

Sometimes, the best option to open up a home and brighten the living spaces is through house painting and decorating projects. Luckily, those in need of interior or exterior painting, as well as Wall Repair in Kansas City MO, can turn to the experts. Take some time to browse the website They offer a variety of services that you can read all about. There are testimonials to see what other customers have said about the quality of work and service provided.


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