Boost the Value of Your Property by Choosing the Right Type of Conservatories in Maidstone

Over the last decade, conservatories in Maidstone have grown in popularity. An extension to the home, these glass-roofed buildings maximise living space and offer a place to unwind and soak up garden views. They are great at retaining heat and can be used 365 days a year, due to the fact they are cool in summer and warm in winter. Although quite a significant investment for a homeowner, a conservatory will allow more natural light to flood into the home, and will enable you to enjoy your garden without worrying about the temperature. Before you hire a professional to build conservatories, decide which type best suits your needs.

Finding a Style

Numerous style options are available, with the two most common styles being gable and lantern conservatories in Maidstone. Gable conservatories are designed with a pitched roof, which adds height to the construction and gives it a grand appearance. Pitched roofs are good because they don’t accumulate water. Lantern conservatories are designed with two tiers. These tiers add extra ceiling height, making them a worthwhile choice if you want to make the most of the space you have to work with.

Selecting the Glass

Pretty much all conservatories in Maidstone are constructed with glass, because glass is strong, aesthetically pleasing and transparent. Sunlight will pour through the windows on a conservatory, allowing you to save electricity and enjoy natural light rather than artificial light. Double glazed is an energy efficient, long-lasting option, but a cheaper alternative is polycarbonate sheeting. This is a type of plastic that looks a lot like glass. It’s important to check with the builder if the plastic has been toughened, as otherwise it may break under harsh conditions.

The Roof and Frame

Once you have chosen a glass or plastic, you can select the roof and frame. Companies will likely offer you a varied selection of framing materials, such as metal, plastic and wood. Wood can be harder to maintain when it’s fitted on the outside of the conservatory, therefore you might want to get wood framing fitted on the inside. Polycarbonate is a favoured option for the roof, but some other roof types include timber, aluminium and uPVC (PVCu). Consider your budget, the aesthetics and the type of glazing material you will be using before choosing a roof.

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