Birch Xylitol: The Facts

If you have been considering a sugar substitute, likely the words “birch xylitol” has popped up. It is true that this alternative to sugar is fast becoming a popular item for those who want the flavor and sweetness of sugar without the problems associated with it. In fact, it is not only the American faddists that are praising it. The American Dietetic Association is also suggesting it is a possible and viable alternative. Yet, exactly what is birch xylitol?

What Is Birch Xylitol?

Xylitol is a sugar alcohol consisting of 5 carbons. It can be found as part of the ingredients in many foods such as mints, gums and toothpastes. It also comes as a sweetener in packages and alone in other forms. While some types of xylitol are made from corn in China, the favored type for those concerned about GMOs and organic sources, is Birch Xylitol. Birch xylitol is actually made from birch trees. The bark is used to provide the substance that appears as small granules. It is particularly valued if it is locally sourced in the United States from sustainable land.

Why Choose Birch Xylitol?

There are several reasons why people are choosing Birch Xylitol over other forms of the same product or even over other sweeteners. They vary for each individual and range from health reasons to dental care and convenience. Consider the possibilities as you read the list below:

1. Sweet as sugar but with fewer calories
2. Low glycemic index giving it a lower glycemic response when compared to other similar products
3. Increase absorption of vitamin B
4. Enhances absorption by the body of calcium
5. Reduces risks to dental health – decreases the risk of tooth decay because the bacteria found in plaque cannot metabolize it
6. Taste – birch xylitol has a cool taste that is pleasing when used in various similar flavored dishes, gum and candies. It enhances the minty flavor or adds this sensation to various food items
7. Convenient – you can purchase birch xylitol in small packages or in containers that re easy to use. Moreover, it can be measured 8. simply in a similar fashion as table sugar

Making the Switch to Birch Xylitol

If you want to reduce your sugar intake and start to live a little healthier, consider the promise of Birch Xylitol. When you decide to go in this direction, be sure to do your research. Make sure the product is actually made from birch and not corn. Be sure to choose organic and non GMO. Make the move today to xylitol sweeteners – Birch Xylitol Sweeteners. You will not regret it.

Are you trying to be sure the Birch Xylitol you are buying is natural, organic and non-GMO? One way to make certain is to talk to the professionals at Organic Merchants. We are there to not only make sure you get what you want but do so at an affordable price.


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