Best Tips to Rent a Dumpster in Stockbridge, GA, for Spring Cleaning

Homeowners who want to get rid of junk at their homes can throw it away with the regular trash or rent a dumpster in Stockbridge, GA. Many people choose dumpster rental when they have a large amount of trash or construction debris to get rid of. Here are some tips homeowners should keep in mind when they need dumpster rental.

Plan Ahead

Dumpster rental companies book up fast, especially during the spring and summer months. These are the months when home construction projects start to ramp up. Homeowners who schedule dumpster rental well in advance have better luck securing their dates and have a wide selection of dumpster sizes to choose from.

Clear a Spot

Decide where the dumpster is going to go. Most homeowners put the dumpster in their driveway. This means cars, portable basketball hoops, and other items in the driveway need to be cleared out of the way.

For property owners who don’t have a driveway, will need to park the dumpster in the street or alleyway. Some cities require permits when parking dumpsters on public property. Homeowners should let the dumpster company know they’ll need street parking for the dumpster so that the company can secure the proper permits.

Choose a Size

Dumpsters range in sizes from 10 yards to 30 yards. For regular spring cleaning, a small dumpster should work fine. However, large construction jobs will require a bigger container. Dumpster rental companies can help customers decide the best size for their job.

To rent a dumpster in Stockbridge, GA, contact The Pink Dumpster today!


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