Best Practices for Weed Control in Spokane

Property owners in Spokane may think that with winter finally here they’re off the hook for landscape maintenance. In reality, though, now is the perfect time to get a jump-start on creating a beautiful, vibrant lawn. Read on to find out about some of the best practices for Weed Control in Spokane to find out how.

Know the Weeds

Different weeds require different approaches to eradication. It’s a good idea to take some time this winter to learn about each plant, including how to identify it. This will help property owners learn how to keep different weeds out of their lawns throughout the year.

Know the Conditions

Just like different weeds require different methods of eradication, they all thrive under different conditions as well. For the most part, healthy lawns are much better at keeping out weeds. Lawns that are over or under-watered, improperly mowed, highly compacted, or inadequately fertilized will be more prone to weed growth so make sure to check the conditions of the lawn itself in addition to looking for weeds.

Use the Right Fertilizer

At first glance, choosing a fertilizer may not seem like an act that is inherently related to Weed Control in Spokane. The reality is that most weeds are opportunists, though. They grow better in soil that isn’t healthy enough to support grass.

Ensuring that the lawn itself is receiving adequate nutrients, especially nitrogen, is one of the best ways to prevent future infestations. Be careful with fertilizer applications. Applying fertilizer at the wrong time of year can wind up causing nutrient over saturation both on the site and in the immediate surroundings.

Hire a Professional

The best tip any property owner can get for weed control is to hire a lawn care company that can take care of those weeds for them. The fight against weeds is an ongoing battle, so choose a company that can provide comprehensive long-term services such as mowing, watering, aeration, and pest control in addition to herbicide applications. Property owners can Visit us online today to get started learning about one local company that can do it all to get the help they need maintaining verdant, weed-free lawns.


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