Benefits of Regular Teeth and Gums Examinations

Dental problems can be costly and painful. In order to avoid those issues, children as well as adults need to have regular dental exams and cleanings. Insurance often covers checkups at no cost or minimal cost to the patient. Taking the time once or twice every year to ensure teeth are healthy can help a person avoid tooth pain and thousands of dollars in fees to fix what could have been prevented.

Benefits of Preventive Care

Preventive dental care aims to help patients avoid oral health problems and detect problems that do exist in their earliest stages. Regular Teeth And Gums Examinations, along with professional cleanings may prevent decay that could result in loss of teeth or gum disease. Seeing the dentist at least once every year may help people keep their natural teeth much longer.

Some people learn about medical conditions they might have by seeing their dentist. Dental exams sometimes uncover signs of diabetes and heart disease. By seeing the dentist, a patient might be able to add years to their life. These conditions are generally more treatable when they are in the early stages. Since healthy adults typically see their dentist more often than their primary care doctor, these visits can be very beneficial.

Early Treatment

Small cavities are quite common. Lewis Family Dentistry patients who visit the office regularly get them filled while they are small. Often, these tiny cavities don’t cause any pain and can be treated very easily.

People who don’t see the dentist often are more likely to have more serious cavities that need more extensive treatment. Left untreated, they could result in the need for root canal therapy or even an extraction. Teeth And Gums Examinations every six months may prevent the need for this uncomfortable treatment.

It is much less expensive to schedule an appointment than to go years without seeing a dentist. Some tooth problems don’t cause pain but can get progressively worse over time. To avoid losing teeth over preventable oral health problems, everyone should see their dentist at least once every year. People who get regular dental checkups might keep their teeth their entire lifetime. You can also follow them on Twitter.


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