Benefits of a Whole House Water Filtration System

A Water Filtration System in the kitchen is great for drinking and cooking water. It is a better alternative to drinking water with contaminants in it, getting small pitchers with filters, and purchasing bottled water. Metals, ground water pollutants, and chemicals in the regular tap water can make the water smell bad, leave a terrible taste, and even make family members sick. Pitchers with filters are not practical for a family because they are too small, and have to be filled often. The cost of replacement filters can also be expensive. Bottled water is expensive, takes up a lot of space in the refrigerator, pantry, or garage, and is bad for the environment. A system in the kitchen can save a family a lot of money.

A Water Filtration System for the whole house can save even more money. People do not realize the extent of damage caused by unfiltered water in other areas of the home. Hard water, for example, can cause piping to clog, rust, and corrode. That results in system backups, expensive repairs, and premature pipe replacement. Deposits are left in appliances as well, causing them to work harder, use up more energy, and raise utility bills. It also shortens the life of the appliance. The washing machine, for example, requires more detergent to get clothes fully clean. Hard water also causes clothes to fade faster, and breaks down the fabrics, resulting in more wear and tear on clothing. Clothes can stretch, shrink, unravel, and pill. That means clothing has to be replaced more often. Consider those costs in relation to the cost of a whole house filtration system. The system cost can be offset by all that savings.

More savings can be realized when the family uses less soap, shampoo, and body lotion. Hard water causes dry skin, rashes, and skin irritations. It also exacerbates conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. Contaminated water promotes rust, lime, stains, and bacteria, so more cleaning supplies are needed to get surfaces clean. These are costs that go unnoticed in the average household, but the savings will be noticed once a system is installed. Many companies offer free in-house estimates for new systems, and some, like Preferred Home Services, also offer to finance. Terms include no down payment and monthly payments that can be arranged to suit most budgets.


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