Benefits of a Hearing Instrument in Norwich, CT

The Hearing is one of the key senses needed for communication. Even a mild hearing loss can make it more difficult to communicate. Difficulty understanding conversations, particularly when the communication partner’s mouth is not visible, is a symptom of hearing loss. Difficulty understanding women or children who naturally have higher-pitched voices also suggests a possible hearing loss. In addition, difficulty understanding conversations in loud environments, such as a restaurant, indicate a hearing loss may be present. If any of the aforementioned symptoms apply, you may benefit from the use of a Hearing Instrument in Norwich CT. There is a variety of hearing instrument or aid types available. The most common type of instrument is a behind-the-ear (BTE) model.

A BTE hearing instrument sits on the outer ear. All parts of the instrument are in a curved plastic case that is connected to an ear mold by tubing. The ear mold is custom fit to each wearer for maximum comfort and effective sound transmission. BTE models have strong amplification potential and a long battery life. A BTE model is the best choice for children, as they are still growing. The ear mold can be adjusted to fit as the child grows without having to replace the entire hearing instrument. A BTE model is also the best choice for individuals with limits in their dexterity and vision. The larger design is easier to hold and manipulate. Battery replacement may also be easier in a BTE model. A BTE model can be upgraded with modern features including blue-tooth and directional microphones. The blue tooth may be very beneficial for cell phone users.

Although hearing aids do not restore natural hearing, a Hearing Instrument in Norwich CT can significantly improve the quality of life for each individual with hearing loss. An individual who treats their loss with a hearing instrument will be able to better understand what other people are saying. Social activities such as dining out, going to parties, or participating in family gatherings will be more enjoyable after hearing is improved with a hearing device. Although adults who need hearing assistance may put off buying a hearing instrument for six to seven years, ninety percent of individuals who buy a hearing aid are pleased with the results and appreciate the benefits.

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