Before You Buy an Investment Property, Read This

For many investors looking to expand their portfolio, residential or commercial properties can be attractive. With the right property or group of properties, owners can potentially make a fortune. Before you buy investment properties in Tampa, though, you should probably think about a few things.

Make Sure You Can Afford It

Before looking for an investment property, you should be certain you can afford the cost of another piece of real estate. Essentially, you should probably have a steady job, an established emergency fund, and sufficient other assets to cover the costs associated with your new property. You should also probably make sure you have your debts under control. Purchasing renovated homes is typically a good way to get involved in property investing without taking on too many new debts.

Consider Return on Investment

When you are considering investment properties in Tampa, you likely want to do everything you can to ensure you make money. As a starting point, try to come up with a reasonable amount you would like to see as a return on your investment. To do that, you will need to do some research on rental values in the Tampa area.

Calculate Expenses

As you probably know, investment properties have a few associated expenses you should think about before you take the plunge. Of course, you should calculate the amount of your monthly mortgage, but don’t forget about potential HOA fees, taxes, and maintenance. You might also choose to contract with a property maintenance service, so be sure to talk with a provider about those expenses as well.

Find a Great Location

In Tampa, property investors have many possibilities to locate investment properties in ideal locations. Before you pick one, though, you might think about how you plan to market your property. If you want to rent to tourists, you might choose a location near the beach. For families, a suburban location might be better. Or, if you plan to jump into the commercial property game, you might choose to a downtown location.

Buying investment properties in Tampa can be a successful way to make money. When you are ready, the professionals at Source Real Estate can show you some interesting homes for sale.


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