Before Talking To The Insurance Adjuster Talk To The Personal Injury Attorneys In Reno NV

The aftermath of an injury auto accident can almost be as stressful as the accident itself. There are telephone calls to make, medical appointments to keep, and property damage to assess, all while trying to let the body rest and heal. Generally, the insurance adjusters are the first ones to pounce after the accident. They want all the information they can get. Accident details, injury details, and when the injured plans to return to work, if the injured party is employed. They want all the information before the dust has even settled.

Of course, most adjusters try to act like a friend, letting the injured party feel as if they only want to help, but the truth is that they work for the insurance company, not the injured. Their real goal is to save the insurance company as much money as possible by paying out the least amount they can for the claim. Unfortunately, after an accident, an all-too-willing person can easily say too much to the adjusters, giving them just enough information to wreck an injury case before it even gets started. Make sure that the injured person’s rights are protected, and they can get everything they are entitled to by speaking to Personal Injury Attorneys Reno NV first, before speaking to anyone else.

Most personal injury attorneys in Reno, NV suggest to only answer basic questions when speaking to an adjuster. Never give accident details. Only basic information such as their name, where the accident occurred, and what vehicles were involved. Any further questions should only be answered with an attorney present. The adjuster will most likely ask about injuries right away. Because it takes days for some injuries to become evident, it’s recommended to not discuss anything about them with the insurance adjuster.

By contacting an attorney immediately after an injury accident, the injured party can ensure their rights will be protected throughout the duration of their recovery until the claim is settled. It’s usually better to direct all phone calls through the attorney, instead of handling them themselves. Don’t stress over these issues. Let a personal injury attorney take care of all the work, while the injured takes care of the healing.


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