Beer Filling Equipment for Craft Brewers

Craft brewers have a lot of obstacles to overcome to get their product to market. They produce some of the best beer and make up approximately 3% of U.S. annual sales.

Beer production for craft brewers is competitive and to remain competitive brewers should consider investing in automated beer filling equipment.

Purchasing beer filling equipment can be complicated. There are many options available, and it is difficult to know which one is right for your business.

Beer filling equipment should be dependable and support a range of bottle sizes. Equipment ranges from entry level beer filling machines to heavy production equipment for large operations.

There are many options for entry-level beer filling equipment. Consider how much to spend, storage space, the maximum capacity of a unit, filling quality, and more. The equipment should be affordable enough to meet your needs today but versatile enough to accommodate future demands. Most entry-level equipment has a four or six spout semi-automatic counter presser filler operated by hand. The key is to find a machine that seals the top opening of the bottle tightly to stop oxygen access. Equipment should be made with high-quality components like stainless steel tubing to provide optimum performance.

Moving up from entry level operations, operators should consider production rate, volumetrics, inline or rotary filling, and breakage percentage. Larger operations require bigger equipment and a larger investment. Owners should understand how the equipment affects the product, ease of cleaning, and complexity of the machine.

When selecting beer filling equipment, keep in mind future output. Will the machine be able to handle increased production?

When it comes to the bottom line speed, ease of use and efficiency are the foundation for success. Despite the complexity of filling equipment, accurate assessment of production levels, goals, and budget will help you decide which type of system you need.


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