Beautiful Lawns in Greenwich, CT: Benefits of Professional Landscaping

It is easy to dismiss the importance of good landscaping, but the reality is that there is a lot that good landscape contractors in Greenwich CT can do for you. The following are a few examples worth keeping in mind as you browse our website.


Plant life, like grass, bushes, and trees help generate cooler temperatures around your home. This means you are probably going to end up reducing the amount of power your AC needs to keep you cool.

UV Protection

Another reason you want to talk to landscape contractors in Greenwich CT is because bushes and trees help protect you and your family from UV rays. This is because trees and large bushes can provide shade for everyone while you guys are outside. Tall plant life can also provide shade to your home if they are positioned in the right locations around your home. This is not only healthy, but it should help everyone feel more comfortable.

Clean Air

Trees, grass, and other forms of plant life are always working to clean up the air. All of these lifeforms are there filtering out dust and carbon dioxide from the air. As you know, air quality around the world has been in trouble for a while, so adding more plant life to your yard is a good way to stay green. You can browse our website to see what plant life you want us to install.

Damasceno’s Landscapes & Construction has been working with many homeowners to help them create a beautiful landscaped lawn, and you can contact them when you’re ready for your beautification.


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