There are necessary tasks to be done in order to carry out proper backflow preventer testing. It is vital to have properly qualified and trained individuals performing this work. There technicians who obtain this required training as well as continuing education based on state requirements in order to carry out these tasks properly. An experienced fire protection supply company with the right trained professionals and resources can provide you with professional backflow testing. Illinois businesses can benefit from the experience these companies provide in fire protection testing.

What is Backflow?

When a flow of water runs in an unintentional direction in the water system that is a reversal of its normal flow pattern, a situation of backflow occurs. This condition can bring about contamination of the water supply from the introduction of other unwanted substances. In such a situation, the water can quickly become undrinkable and unusable otherwise due to the infiltration of contaminated water.

The Backflow Preventer Device

The condition of contamination mentioned above can be addressed and prevented effectively by a device referred to as a backflow preventer. This device prevents the mixing of bad water and good water within the water supply. Backflow testing is conducted to help ensure the device works as it is intended to function.

Annual Testing

A backflow preventer device to be tested on a regular basis, whether that involves yearly testing or more frequent testing, in order to ensure a safe water supply is present. Professional testing of this device can determine if it is functioning properly or needs repaired or replaced.

Testing Process

Built-in ports in these devices help make the process of backflow preventer testing convenient. He technician contest the device by connecting it to a test kit and determining if it is functioning properly. Ultimately, such testing can help ensure that human life is protected.

Protecting Water From Contamination

OSHA as well as other government agencies (environmental and health) control potential links between non-potable and potable water supplies through a regularly implemented Cross Connection Control Program. This program is essential for maintaining a contaminant free groundwater supply. The program helps ensure that persons in your building, regardless of who they are, in addition to neighbors of your building, can have clean drinking water supply available on a consistent basis.

To access backflow testing services from fire protection professionals, contact an experienced fire protection company today.

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