Avoiding the Risks of Lasik Eye Surgery

by | Jul 4, 2017 | Health and Fitness


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As with any other medical procedure, Lasik eye surgery can come with a few side effects and risks. Read up on the following so you have a much better understanding of what you can expect once you undergo the procedure:


Since the procedure is technically complex, a doctor with lesser skills might create a flap, which could lead to complications. However, this is easily preventable. Use care and caution when you choose an eye care center to make sure you will not have these types of problems.

Dry, irritated eyes

This is a possible side-effect of the surgery. Everybody knows you’ll end up tempted to rub those dry, irritated eyes. But that could lead to long-term infection. One way to solve the problem is to keep using the eye drop provided by your surgeon or doctor.

Loss of vision

This can happen if the eye wall is thinned out too much during the procedure, the NHS warns. Engaging the services of an eye care center that has a reputation for outstanding and excellent service is an effective preventive measure against this, though. By finding the right facility and engaging the services of a competent doctor, you can look forward to seeing more clearly in the future.


Some patients experience side effects like glare or seeing halos around images. These side-effects will pass though. They usually last for about 24 to 48 hours. Talk to your doctor so you’ll be prepared to handle them.

Wonky vision

If your vision fluctuates, though, that’s a serious side-effect. It can indicate a problem with your eyes or complications with the surgery. Finding a competent doctor, though, can go a long way to ensure this won’t happen.

Tough time with nighttime drives

A competent surgeon can help you avoid this problem. If the surgery was a success, though, then what about the aftercare? Poor aftercare can compromise your eyesight. Get help from your doctor to ensure this doesn’t happen.

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