Avoid These Mistakes, or Prepare for Expensive AC Repairs in Bainbridge Island

Modern home HVAC systems are designed to offer years of worry-free operation, but maintenance is still necessary and mistakes are more common than one may think. Homeowners can save money and time by avoiding these errors when caring for their home’s air conditioning and heating system.

Improper Thermostat Settings

If one wants cold air in a hurry, it’s a mistake to turn the thermostat down and expect the room to get cooler faster. Generally speaking, the thermostat should be set at the highest comfortable temperature. Every degree it’s lowered means a 7% increase in power consumption, and even a small tweak can make a substantial difference in one’s monthly power bill.

Infrequent Filter Changes

Changing the unit’s air filter is a simple and cheap task as far as Ac Repairs Bainbridge Island are concerned, but many homeowners put it off for unknown reasons. Failing to change the filter can result in the need for costly repairs through Heatingwithquality.com, not to mention total system failure. Filters should be changed at least once a month if:

* The unit is used year round
* There are pets in the home
* The family is large
* There’s a smoker in the home
* Construction work is taking place nearby
* The fireplace is used

Running the Unit All the Time

It might seem simple to let the AC run at all hours, especially during summer. However, doing so can waste a substantial amount of energy, and it can be a detriment to the system. One way to use less power is to set the thermostat higher at night, or when the family isn’t home. Most ACs only need a few minutes to completely cool the home, and homeowners don’t sacrifice much in the way of comfort by shutting the unit off sometimes.

Not Using the Unit at All

When the family doesn’t plan to be at home for a period, it might be tempting to turn the unit off and leave it. However, this isn’t the best idea. Shutting the AC off during the summer can cause damage to wooden furniture, cabinetry and doors. Instead, set the temperature at roughly 85 degrees, and try to set it for a more comfortable temperature the day before returning. Asking an HVAC tech to install a programmable thermostat during AC repairs in Bainbridge Island can simplify this process.


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