Avoid Expensive Disasters With Septic Tank Pumping Cedar Rapids IA

Septic systems are basically a simple sewage treatment plant. This happens because of the anaerobic action of the tank and the way the sewage separates after it enters the system. The design is remarkably simple. Sewage enters the primary tank and begins to separate with the heavier solids dropping to the bottom and the effluent (liquid waste) floating over it. The final layer is a bit of scum that accumulates on top. As the tank fills, the solid matter pushes any excess liquid out of the tank for further processing. Eventually, the solid waste will require Septic Tank Pumping Cedar Rapids IA to make more room.

The processing of sewage doesn’t end with the enzymes inside a tank. Some septic systems also use aerobic action to further clean the effluent or sprayer systems to spread it around specific areas. However, the simplest processing method is the final operation of most septic systems, percolating the liquid through the soil. The typical method for doing this is the leech field. This portion of the septic system can be large and extended or designed to fit into small yards. The latter may require the designer to loop the pipe to provide the best exposure to the surrounding soil. Keeping the leech lines clear is one of the more important reasons for Septic Tank Pumping Cedar Rapids IA.

An overflowing system can result is various issues that can be rather expensive to remedy. The first is a clogged drain field. This happens when the soil is saturated with waste. Another is blocked leech lines. This is usually related to the first concern and occurs when solid waste is too large to exit the pipe. The problems may also require repairs to the lawn such as replacing contaminated soil or any grass removed when accessing the pipes. Sometimes, septic problems happen because the homeowner forgot when the system was cleaned last. The typical service time is two or three years, although, some systems have lasted longer. If the last date of this service has been forgotten, then it may be time to contact an expert like Roto-Rooter Sewer & Drain Cleaning. Cleaning the tank is much cheaper than the alternative.


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