Avery Weigh-Tronix Scales – Choose the Right One for Your Application

Companies rely on reliable and efficient data to ensure optimal performance. It’s important to choose the right kind of scale to ensure tracking data, monitoring cargo weights and ensuring vehicles are filled to the optimum capacity while keeping billing down.

To do this, you have to pick the kind of scale that is best for your company or job. Avery Weigh-Tronix is able to simplify compliance with healthy and safety regulations while maintaining efficiency to safeguard reliability and control costs with a variety of scales.

Counting Scales
These are ideal if your company needs an efficient and accurate count of a high volume of identical parts. They can lift even the lightest parts and promise over 99% accuracy. This eliminates operating error, which can happen during hand counting, completely.

Digital Weight Indicators
While they seem basic, digital weight indicators are becoming more and more modern. Originally they were used to collect, store and communicate weight data but now with wireless communications they can transmit data to office systems. They can even be linked to computers, printers and barcode scanners allowing for effortless data transfer.

Forklift Scales
This allows drivers to lift and weight materials bundled on a truck. Forklift divers are able to take commodities directly to storage upon delivery while tracking weight, origin and storage locations. Being able to transport and weigh materials in one step results in real-time data acquisition, leading to incredible time savings and quick return on investment.

There are also vehicle scales, floor and platform scales, bench and shipping scales, conveyor scales, rail scales and more. avery weigh-tronix scales also have the capability to be paired with software and indicators to provide optimal data collection, tracking and analysis. They also offer the best when it comes to equipment durability – cutting down on money spent over the lifetime of the scale, service trips and down time.

Weighing is fundamental in many businesses and weight measurement is a vital tool in assessing efficiency, controlling costs and maintaining quality. When choosing your scale, remember to pick what’s going to work for your industry and workplace, whether it be agriculture and farming, manufacturing or more.


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