Attracting and Keeping Reliable Tenants

Ideally, every tenant you acquire for your rental property will stay for a long, if not indefinite, amount of time. However, the reality is this feat is often easier imagined than accomplished. It’s perfectly okay if you find your rental property to be a bit of a revolving door at first. There’s a lot to learn when it comes to property management, including how to make your property as appealing to tenants as possible. On the other hand, once you’ve found great tenants, you’ll want to do what you can to keep them! Here are some tips on helping your property to keep tenants for the long term from the best property management tenant portal in Las Vegas.

Spread the Word

One of the best advertisements for any business venture is word of mouth. If you’ve had a responsible and trustworthy tenant live in your property in the past, it never hurts to ask them to tell people of similar rapport who are in the market that your property is up for rent. If you provide a good living space, over time word will travel to your property and, with your reputation precedes you, you are bound to attract a long term, reliable tenant.

Host a Get-Together

This suggestion is ideal for landlords with multiple properties, and involves organizing a simple get-together for you and your renters. Doing so is a great way to kick off your future relationship as landlord and tenant, and will allow you and your renters to learn more about each other in a casual setting.

Don’t Neglect Your Property

One of the most common mistakes property owners make is not keeping their residences in good shape. A poorly-maintained home will rarely attract committed or reliable tenants. Be sure to stay on top of any repair or cleaning needs your property may require. If you struggle to follow any of these steps, however, you can always turn to a property management tenant portal in Las Vegas to help you stay up to speed!

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