Attending The Funerals of Loved Ones: Encouraging Green Burials

Life has a way of truly testing our resolve. We all carry emotional baggage although some of us are better at dealing with it than others. Getting over the death of a friend, parent, or loved one is an extremely difficult undertaking, which is why funerals tend to be such somber events. However, it’s in these moments that it’s so important to remember the age-old saying “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.”

Every single day that we wake up and roll out of bed essentially represents yet another challenge to overcome and another hurdle to rise above. As we continue to seek greener pastures in life, it’s important that we never forget exactly what brought us to this present moment. Rather than dwelling on the absence of your loved ones, it’s best to honor their lives and celebrate the relationships that once were. In this regard, modern green burials provide a fantastic platform for closure.

Assuaging a Distorted Frame of Mind

Only through spiritual introspection can you truly move on. Rather than trying to “just forget about it,” as many of your friends might advise, you should actually do the exact opposite. Obviously, you should avoid reflecting on their deaths, but you should think about the best of times. Dive deep into your memory bank and withdraw a fond recollection. Whether it’s a remembrance of a joint vacation or just a funny moment, hold onto the smiles, laughs, and hugs that you once shared. You might become overwhelmed with emotions during this time but it’s important to embrace these feelings, no matter how intense they might be.

One way to immortalize the lives of the departed is to facilitate green burials. With a keen eye towards minimizing the environmental impact of a funeral, green burials represent the best way to preserve both the natural habitat and the memory of your loved one. The funeral home will use biodegradable caskets, shrouds, and urns to encourage an organic departure to the next life.

Acting on Your Most Powerful Feelings

Whether you believe it or not, the pain will eventually pass and you will feel whole again. But, in the meantime, it’s important to listen to your heart and take action when necessary. As you will attend more than a few funerals during the course of your life, you should make a habit of crafting personalized eulogies for the departed. This will allow you to voice your warmest memories and finally obtain some closure. Time is the mother of all healing, but you must be proactive and upbeat.

Embrace your feelings and emotions because, after all, it has been said that no one thing can teach us more about life than death.


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