Attending A Food Truck Event

Rising in popularity over the past decade is the food truck. This form of portable restaurant not only has its own market, it also has its own events. The first recorded modern food truck event took place in the United States in 2008. These gatherings have since become annual events across America in cities such as Tampa, FL, and Los Angeles CA.

What Is a Food Truck Event?

A food truck event is a gathering of food trucks from around the region, the state or even the country. They meet in one location. This is often why some cities refer to them as:

  • Food truck festivals
  • Food truck rallies
  • Food truck rodeos
  • Food truck gatherings

Classic examples include the LA Food Festival and the Tampa World’s Largest Food Truck Festival Ever. The latter event set a Guinness World Record. It was for the largest parade of food trucks in 2013. It has since destroyed that record as of 2014.

No matter where the event is held, it features a variety of food trucks. This does not mean simply different owners or styles. It refers to the often vast variety of food. The emphasis is on the quality and diversity of food.

Why Attend a Food Truck Event?

If you enjoy tasting different food from around the Globe, you need to attend a food truck event. With often close to 100 different mobile kitchens, you have the world of food at your feet. Selections at such events can range from pierogis to chicken wings; seafood to pad Thai and churros to falafels. A food truck festival is the perfect time to let your inner foodie explore while your taste buds get the chance to savor every last bite.

Anyone who has attended a food truck rodeo understands the carnival atmosphere that attends it. The event is not an experience restricted to the sampling and devouring of food. A camaraderie exists among those who attend.  They are bound by their love of food and are there to enjoy whatever the event can bring them.

One more reason to consider attending a food truck event is its inclusiveness. This is a family event. It caters to every one of every age and gender. Many have kid-friendly play areas and stages for local musicians. This means the entire family can come down and enjoy the time they spend wandering from food truck to food truck, talking to others who are doing the same thing, sharing notes and generally having a great time.

Take in a Food Truck Event

You do not have to be a foodie to enjoy a food truck rodeo. You also do not have to be a certain age, race, ethnicity, gender or belong to a specific political party. This is the unifying factor of food trucks. Individually, they may cater to a specific food taste; together, at a food truck event, they combine in an appeal that is truly universal in character.


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