Assessing The Different Types Of Catastrophic Injury Claims

In Louisiana, consumers and other residents have the legal right to start a personal injury claim when they sustain catastrophic injuries. These injuries could occur while they are working, using consumer-based products, as a result of auto accidents, and due to medical malpractice. The following is an assessment of the different types of catastrophic injury claims.

Severe Burn Injuries

Severe burn injuries could occur due to faulty wiring in residential or commercial properties. They could also result during the use of some consumer-based products such as skin treatments, electronics, and in some cases toys. These injuries can also occur as a result of serious hazards in the workplace such as an arc flash in an industrial environment. These injuries could lead to permanent scarring and death.

Brain-Related Injuries

Brain-related injuries could occur as a result of improper delivery of an infant, automobile or motorcycle accidents, and work-related injuries. These conditions can lead to permanent memory loss, the development of cerebral palsy, and death. A high volume of individuals who sustain these injuries may lose cognitive skills and suffer a complete and irreversible change in their behavior and personality. In more severe cases, they can lead to the need for admission into a long-term care facility or even death.

Loss of Limb or Function

The loss of limb or function could occur due to a variety of probabilities as well. These injuries could lead to lifelong difficulties for the victim. The loss of limb could hinder the individual’s ability to perform certain job functions. It can take a toll on the individual and diminish their mental health. The loss of organ function could lead to disabilities that prevent the individual from ever working again or having a normal life. Claims for these injuries could equate to payment for lifelong medical care and lifetime wages.

In Louisiana, consumers, workers, and other residents could sustain catastrophic injuries due to a multitude of events. When these events lead to the liability of another party, the victim has the legal right to take action against them.


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