Ask These 5 Questions to Know If You Have Bad Brakes

Mechanical failure is cited as one of the most common causes of car accidents in the US, The Balance says, right along with human error, manufacturer malfunction and faulty traffic lights.

If you think you have bad brakes, don’t hesitate to drive to the nearest brake repair center in North Arlington TX. Have your ride thoroughly checked and looked over. Here are questions you’ll want to ask before you go:

Do you hear unusual noises?

If you keep hearing squealing or grinding noises when you step on your brake pedal, then that’s one likely sign that it’s time to go to a repair center. Your brakes might need to be adjusted or replaced.

Are the brake warning lights on?

If the anti-lock braking system (ABS) warning goes on, that’s your car telling you that you need to put in more brake fluid. However, if you just did that, then low fluid levels can point to a leak in your brake lines. Have a trusted mechanic check out your car if that’s the case.

Does the car pull to one side?

When you step on the brakes, does the car lurch or pull to one side? Then that could be an adjustment problem. It could also be caused by leaks in your brake lines and worn-out brakes. Whichever of the three reasons you end up with, you’ll need to go to an auto shop for brake repair in North Arlington TX to get it fixed.

Does your pedal feel spongy?

You get spongy brake pedals when you encounter resistance as you step on the brakes. That could mean that air has found its way into your brake lines or you’re running low on brake fluid.

Does your steering wheel vibrate?

The vibrations could also affect your brake pedal and entire car. When that happens, go to a mechanic already to fix your car issues before it’s too late.

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