Arrested for Murder? Hire a Criminal Defense Lawyer in Essex

Even a hardened criminal gets nervous when they are arrested for murder. He knows the police won’t believe he’s innocent and he knows better than to say anything before his Criminal Defense Lawyer in Essex arrives. Police will often jump to conclusions. When they see that one of their suspects has a violent criminal record, they may decide that he’s the murderer. They may even stop looking for any additional evidence. If his alibi depends upon other felons, the police may dismiss it as a weak alibi.

The defense attorney has to step in and take a fresh look at the case. He has a private investigator who will review all of the police files and evidence. The investigator will also go out and collect additional evidence. He will look into the victim’s past to see if there are any other people who would have wanted him dead. He may find out that he was in a bitter divorce case. His wife was angry because he was living with a much younger woman. His business partner believed he was cheating him out of profits. The Criminal Defense Lawyer in Essex will use these facts to create doubt in the minds of the jurors. They will then have reasonable doubt that his client committed the murders.

The Criminal Law lawyer will also work hard to make sure that the jury does not hear about his past convictions for violent assaults. He will convince the judge that those cases were years ago and had nothing to do with the current case. To hear about those cases adds no facts or evidence to the current case. They will just prejudice the jury against the defendant. He will also bolster the defendant’s alibi. Smart phones can often provide information about a person’s whereabouts. The defendant may have downloaded an app that noted every time he entered certain stores. Using that information the defense attorney could see he was in a location far away from the murder scene. The lawyer finally found a shop employee who could recognize the defendant and corroborate his story. This will all be used at trial to convince a jury that his client is innocent.


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