Are granite countertops worth it?

Granite is mined from quarries and then cut to size before being polished to a finish. As with any kind of material or any home remodeling project, the price will vary depending on scale or size. The stone’s pattern and color can also be responsible for drastic price differences, as can the location of the project.

Granite is not as expensive as many people believe, and there are a number of reasons why it is worth the cost. One of the reasons granite countertops are worth is because each single slab is completely unique, making every countertop unique as well as attractive.

It is important to ensure that renovation projects will be worth the expense, particularly for the likes of landlords and investors. Granite is a great way to have a luxurious feel given to a kitchen while still ensuring there is a surface that is resistant to the damage that can be caused by heat, scratches and stains.

Just a small degree of maintenance can ensure that granite countertops will last for many years, particularly if a neutral pattern and color are selected. Some experts even says that granite countertops could last for as long as a century if properly maintained, while marble countertops generally only have a lifespan of around twenty years.

This means that those performing a renovation project for the purpose of investment would have good reason to see granite countertops as something that in the long term will practically pay for itself.

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