Are Custom Embroidered Hats Worth the Cost?

For many employees who work outside, hats are critical to comfort in both winter and summer. Providing these hats to your employees is not only a benefit but is also a way to enhance their safety, especially during the hot summer months.

Choosing custom embroidered hats for your employees may cost a little more than regular hats, but there are some definite benefits to going the custom route. Here are some things you can look forward to:

1. Custom hats become a marketing tool. When you send employees out in plain hats or have them wear hats from their personal collection, you’re advertising for someone else. When they wear custom embroidered hats with your company logo, they are advertising for you.

2. Employees are proud to wear custom hats. When you provide hats to your employees, you’ll find that they are proud to wear them and that they wear them when they’re not on the job, too. This ensures your name is out in the community on weekends, as well as during business hours.

3. Others will ask for them. Be sure to order some extra hats once you begin providing logo hats to your employees. They will want some for family members, and customers will ask for them too.

There are many benefits to providing custom embroidered hats for your employees. They will love these and will be sure to want to wear them regularly.

Work with your vendor to find the best pricing for your hats. Being flexible on color and quantity can make it easier to get a great deal. But, there’s no doubt that once you start providing custom embroidered hats for your employees and others, you’ll see the benefit and want to make these a permanent part of your uniform and your marketing effort.


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