Animal Health Care Places An Emphasis On Eye Care For Dogs

While it is important to address a number of areas when checking on your dog’s health, eye care and regular home exams will alert you to any cloudiness, tearing, or inflammation of the eyes. In order to check your canine’s eyes, you should follow the animal health care methods outlined below.

Look Your Dog in the Eyes

Sit facing your dog in a well-lit spot and look into his eyes. They should appear bright and clear, and the area surrounding the eyeball should be white. The pupils should be equal in size and you should not see any kind of discharge, tearing, or crust in the corners.

Take an Even Closer Look

Using your thumb, gently roll down the lower eyelid and view the lining. It should be a pink hue, not white or red.

What You Need to Note

When making an examination at home then, you need to look for the following signs as they are indicators that there is something wrong.

* Discharge
* Tearing
* Tear-stained fur
* White or red eyelid linings
* Closed eye or eyes
* Change in color or cloudiness
* Unequal pupil sizes
* A visible third eyelid

Making a Clean Sweep

Gently wipe your dog’s eyes with a damp cotton ball to remove any eye debris. Wipe any discharge or crust away from the corner of the eye, and be careful about touching the eyeball. You don’t want to scratch or injure the cornea. If your dog continually suffers from discharge or runny eyes, you need to set up an appointment with your vet. These kinds of symptoms may be signs of an infection.

Trim Away Long Hairs

Animal health care for the eyes also requires trimming away untamed strands of hair. To ensure safety, use scissors with rounded tips. Trimming the long hairs away will ensure clear vision and prevent any hairs from scratching the eye. For more information contact Quartz Mountain Animal Hospital at (480) 860-1433. You can follow them on Twitter for latest news and updates!


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