An Overview Of Porcelain Veneers

A veneer is a thin piece of translucent porcelain placed over your tooth, either to improve its looks and the look of your smile or to protect the tooth from wear and damage. A porcelain veneer is made and then attached to your tooth unlike composite veneers which can actually be made by building up the material in your mouth.

When Veneers Might be used

Veneers are important tools for cosmetic dentists. One tooth can be refinished with a veneer or you can have many of your teeth covered in order to create that bright white dazzling smile know as a “Hollywood” smile. Some people have quite tiny teeth, but they might not be fixable by braces and the like. Others have worn edges on their teeth which has made them look older than they are. The use of multiple veneers can close up gaps between your teeth, make teeth longer which have been worn away, fill in those little triangular spaces left behind by receding gums and make your teeth appear white and straight. Much of the time, very little, if any tooth prep is necessary to place porcelain veneers.

How the Process Works

Getting veneers in Crystal Lake IL, will generally take two visits. You won’t need to be put under for this procedure it is that simple. All that needs to be done to the tooth or teeth getting covered is a light buff and shaping. A mold of your tooth will be made and you can choose a shade that most closely matches your teeth. Maybe before that it will be a good time for a whitening treatment? Your follow up visit is when you get your veneer placed.

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