An Injury Lawyer in Albuquerque, NM Helps Clients in Criminal Vehicle Accident Cases

Sometimes a legal case has both criminal and civil elements. For example, a person may have been charged with a criminal offense that caused a serious injury to another person. A prosecuting attorney and a criminal defense lawyer handle the criminal case. If the individual wants to pursue a civil lawsuit for financial compensation, they may hire an injury lawyer Albuquerque, NM residents rely on for assistance. Often, a lawsuit is never actually filed, but the attorney negotiates a reasonable settlement with an insurance company covering the person who was at fault. In a case involving a vehicle collision, this would be the at-fault driver’s automotive insurance carrier.

What kind of situation would involve criminal behavior behind the wheel? Driving while intoxicated after consuming alcohol or other drugs is the most common occurrence. Causing an accident under these conditions is a serious offense in New Mexico and has a mandatory minimum jail sentence if another person suffered bodily harm. The state has one of the worst rates for drunk driving accidents causing injuries and fatalities, and the government is cracking down on these drivers more severely than ever before.

Some actions drivers take while experiencing road rage qualify as a criminal offense. Some of these individuals become extremely erratic and even violent. They may purposely bump the vehicle in front from behind while traveling at high speeds or try to run another driver off the road. There have been incidents in which one driver pulls a gun on another driver during a road rage incident. In 2016, an angry driver followed a vehicle to a convenience store and shot the driver. Fortunately, that injured person survived.

In all these types of incidents, an injury lawyer in Albuquerque, NM seeks financial restitution for the person who was hurt. Even if the individual who caused the injury has gone to prison, the insurer should be liable to pay for the injured person’s medical bills and lost wages during recovery. Someone who wants to pursue financial compensation may contact an organization such as Carter & Valle Law Firm. Please visit the website for more information.


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