An Ear Infection is Worse For Someone with Present Hearing Loss

For someone already dealing with hearing loss, an ear infection can be an even larger concern. An ear infection can be treated with relatively simple antibiotics. It can even be diagnosed with a smart-phone app released in 2013 though the results are not always 100%. Regardless, an Ear Infection is a manageable concern.

But, the concern can be amplified with someone who has hearing loss. The infection will often cause enhanced hearing loss because of inflammation in the ear canal. The inflammation is also increased due to pus that is created from the infection. The possible build up in the ear canal may increase the chance for even greater permanent hearing loss. Anyone with present hearing loss cannot afford to allow the infection to get to that point. Every decibel matters, and that is even more true with patients who are reliant on a hearing aid.

The infection in the ear will not only create a build up of pus within an ear canal. Fluid seeps deep into the ear. The fluid will typically settle behind the eardrum. This will dramatically irritate the area, causing even greater inflammation. The fluid can stay in the ear for weeks following treatment, and needs to be closely monitored.

If an Ear Infection is not handled properly and quickly, the infection can become viral. Specifically, it will spread into the main sensory organ of hearing called the cochlea. It often means that the infection has hit its highest and most powerful point. The virus that tends to cause cochlea infections in the ear is directly related to the viruses that cause influenza and other respiratory infections. It is not unheard of for hearing to decrease fiercely when dealing with this type of dangerous viral infection. Problematically, this viral infection does not have a lot of symptoms that are not already seen in a regular ear infection.

All of these concerns are bad for someone with normal hearing. They become pronounced for someone who faces any kind of substantial hearing loss. Visit  to learn more about ear infections, hearing loss, and getting prompt treatment that is sensitive to these concerns.

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