An Air Conditioning System Leak Detection In Kyle TX Will Increase Your Energy Bill

With the heat and humidity this summer, it is imperative that an air conditioner is working at its peak performance. An air conditioning system leak detection in Kyle TX can be detected in the ductwork, around the vents, or the coolant. Any type of leak an air conditioning system will increase energy costs and cause a home to be less than comfortable.

If a room in a home is not as cool as it should be, there could be a leak in the ductwork at a joint. Most of the joints in the ductwork are taped and the tape can adhesive can wear out over time. If the ductwork travels through a crawlspace, rodents can chew into the plastic and cause a major loss of air conditioning under a home.

Detecting A Leak

It is not always easy to find a leak in the ventilation of a home without the help of a trained HVAC technician. They will be able to conduct an airflow test and measure the temperature in each room to determine if there is proper airflow reaching the area. It is very easy for the technician to pinpoint where there is a problem and correct it.

Water Leaks

A crack in a drip pan of an air conditioning system can crack and cause the water to leak. If the air handler is an attic or above a ceiling, this can create a hazard in a home due to mold. An air conditioning system leak detection in Kyle TX can also find when the condensation line is clogged.

The condensation line will usually travel to another area and drip to the outside or directly into a drainpipe. When these become clogged, the water will back up into the unit and cause a leak. An air conditioning filter should be changed every two months to eliminate the chance of causing a leak in a unit.

If you are interested in keeping cool the rest of the summer and keeping energy costs low, it is important to have regular maintenance performed on your air conditioning unit. Browse our website to learn more about maintenance contracts, repair, and new air conditioning installation.


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