Aluminum Round Bar – Features and Applications

If you own or operate an industrial or manufacturing facility or plant that produces products or components, it is essential that the equipment you use in the manufacturing process is strong and durable enough to operate efficiently and properly. Or, you may simply need parts that are lightweight, yet strong, and even corrosion resistant to meet particular project requirements in the manufacturing or industrial sectors. Aluminum round bar may be one of the shapes you need for your specific applications – it has a number of beneficial characteristics for multiple industries.

Characteristics of Aluminum Round Bars
Also referred to as aluminum round rod, round bar made from aluminum possesses characteristics such as weldability, machinability, corrosion resistance, and formability. It is also highly sought after due to additional positive features such as high strength to weight ratio, fatigue resistance, tensile strength, sheer strength, and rigidity. These bars possess solid machinability characteristics that make them suitable for the manufacture of custom parts. They are also nonmagnetic, resistant to stress cracks, and easy to saw. You may find a range of extruded aluminum round bar stocked in the inventory of an experienced aluminum supplier.

The aerospace industry can benefit substantially from high-strength aluminum round bars. As well, the marine industry often use bars made from aluminum for corrosion resistant applications. Other industries that benefit from these round bars include transportation and computer. Any company that can benefit from lightweight, corrosion resistant precision parts may be able to make use of aluminum round bars. Some common applications for these bars include the pins, hydraulic body parts, pistons, bolts, supports, trim, nuts, hardware and braces, ornamental products, and other structural parts.

Aluminum Bar Sawing and Other Services
Multiple sizes and lengths are available in aluminum round bar for the various applications necessary to meet different industry and project requirements. Your aluminum supply company can cut your bar to the necessary length you need for your project specifications. You may also take advantage of other available outside processing services your supplier makes available such as grinding, heat treating, and machining.

To access the aluminum round bars and other important aluminum shapes you need for your project requirements, contact an experienced and dependable aluminum supply and extrusion company serving your area.


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