All About Endodontics

The word “endodontic” is rooted in Greek; endo in Greek means “inside” while odont stands for “tooth,” hence endodontics. Perhaps the most common treatment done at Park Ridge endodontics is a root canal.

A root canal is often the treatment of choice when the pulp, which is the soft interior of a tooth that carries the nerves and blood supply, becomes infected. There are numerous causes of tooth infection; unattended decay, trauma resulting in a crack or chip in the tooth as well as numerous dental procedures carried out in the past on the same tooth.

Is having a root canal painful?

Root canals have traditionally been given far too much “bad press.” It has been repeated time after time that a root canal procedure is quite painful; there is no truth to this. Using anesthetics and modern equipment and techniques there is no more pain that what one would associate with any other common procedure such as having a tooth filled.

Granted, the tooth may be sensitive after the root canal but this sensitivity disappears in a matter of days and any lingering discomfort can be relieved with OTC pain relievers.

Is it necessary to treat the tooth any different after treatment?

The root canal procedure occurs in two stages; the first stage is removing the infected pulp and sealing the opening. The second stage is fitting a crown which returns the tooth to full function. Until the crown has been fitted, avoid chewing or biting on the tooth as it may fracture quite easily. Other than that, just practice proper oral hygiene.

There are situations where the diseased tooth cannot be reached or the tooth is so badly damaged that restoration is not possible. In situations like this the tooth will have to be removed. With the rapid advances in Park Ridge endodontics, many teeth are now being saved that just a few years ago would have been lost.

Park Ridge endodontics is the home of dental specialists that focus on disease in a tooth. If you have a tooth that is infected you are invited to arrange an appointment with Awesome Dentistry; emergency service is available if need be. Follow us on twitter.


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