Air Conditioning System in Oklahoma City: 5 Mistakes You Should Avoid This Summer

During the hot seasons, most homes tend to consume copious amounts of electricity. One of the home systems that contributes to high electricity bills is the Air Conditioning System in Oklahoma City homes. According to estimates, the air conditioner takes up 70% of the summer electric bills. However, there are certain steps that can be taken to reduce the load. Below are 5 AC mistakes that homeowners make.

Buying a bigger cooling unit than required

Many homeowners feel inclined to purchase bigger air conditioners since they assume this will make their homes cooler faster. However, these over-sized air conditioners are not able to create uniform temperatures as well as lessen humidity. The ACs end up operating inefficiently since they continuously cycle on and off. To have your new AC properly sized, consult professionals.

Placing air conditioning unit in a hot spot

Although placing the AC system in an unused southwest side-spot of the home seems convenient, it will work harder at keeping your home cool. Instead, the unit should be placed in a shady spot preferably on the north or east side of your home where direct sunlight will not reach it.

Hiding your air conditioner

Your unit might not be pretty, but the sight of excessive summer energy bills is even uglier. It is advisable that you do not hide your AC unit behind plants. Hiding it will hinder ventilation, expose condenser coils to clogging and generally make the unit run inefficiently.

When you ignore maintenance

Sometimes air conditioners might look self-sufficient. However, basic maintenance is vital in improving the comfort and efficiency of your unit, as well as extending its life. Basic maintenance steps include:

     *     Cleaning and replacing filters every eight weeks

     *    Checking and cleaning the evaporator coil at least once a year

     *    Removing dirt from the AC’s drain channels

     *    Checking on window seals around room AC systems annually

Leaving the AC running all day

Have a professional install an individual unit timer that will cool your home once you step in from work. Thermostats and unit timers are much more efficient and cheaper than leaving your unit running the entire day you are away.

To ensure your Air Conditioning System in Oklahoma City is running at optimal efficiency, call in the professionals. For more information about the services they offer, visit






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