Aggressive DCFS Defense in Plano IL Is Essential After Erroneous Allegations

Many lawyers don’t like to get involved in legal tangles with government agencies. When parents face investigation by the Department of Children and Family Services in Illinois, these individuals may be at risk of having their children removed from the home. They need a strong DCFS Defense in Plano IL by an experienced attorney.

Why do some caring, effective parents wind up dealing with DCFS? It’s possible that a well-meaning neighbor reported something he or she thought was questionable. It’s also possible that one of the parents has an enemy of sorts who wants to cause trouble and has called DCFS for that reason. In today’s hyper-vigilant world, a call might be for something as innocent as allowing young children to walk a few blocks to school on their own, or to play unsupervised in a nearby playground or park. Situations have developed when concerned medical practitioners feel they must contact the agency after a visit to the emergency room or urgent care clinic. Teachers and school administrators may grow concerned if a child is repeatedly truant or is exhibiting significant negative behavior in school.

If the youngsters are taken from the parents, even temporarily, they usually must live in foster care. The reputation of the parents can be ruined even if the allegations are successfully refuted, and the children are returned. That’s especially true if the family lives in a relatively small town. A lawyer offering service for DCFS Defense in Plano IL may be able to prevent the removal of youngsters from home during an investigation, or at least to have the kids be able to stay with relatives instead of in foster care.

Dealing with this government agency tends to feel like one of the most stressful and exhausting episodes in one’s life. The parents greatly fear they will be branded as neglectful or even abusive. They cannot stand the idea of the youngsters spending time in foster care and having trouble understanding what is happening. Help is available from an organization such as The Cosentino Law Firm, with an online presence at the website

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