After the Procedure: Following the Advice of the Foot Surgeon in Racine, WI

by | Apr 21, 2016 | Health and Fitness


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The surgery was a success, and the patient is now on the way home. From this day forward, the focus is on allowing the foot to heal and keeping complications to a minimum. By following the advice provided by the Foot Surgeon in Racine WI, the chances of making a swift recovery are high. Here are some examples of what the surgeon may recommend.

Keep the Foot Dry

A key element in the recovery is not allowing any excess moisture to get to the incision. Doing so helps to reduce the possibility of an infection setting in. This may mean taking a bath while dangling the leg over the side, or relying on sponge baths until the dressing is ready to be removed.

Changing the Dressing

Depending on the severity of the procedure, the Foot Surgeon in Racine WI may advise the patient to not remove the dressing without professional medical assistance. This will likely mean a return trip to the surgeon’s office several days after the procedure is complete. The goal is to protect the foot from exposure to any type of irritants or contaminants in the meantime. Once the surgeon is happy with the way the incision is healing, the patient may be encouraged to change the dressing according to a schedule provided by the professional.

Keeping the Weight Off the Foot

For a time, placing any weight on the foot will be out of the question. This will likely mean learning how to make the most of the crutches. During subsequent visits to the surgeon, the patient may be given permission to begin putting some weight on the foot for short periods of time. Attempting to walk without any type of aid should be avoided until the surgeon indicates that doing so is fine.

For anyone who is experiencing any issues with the feet or ankles, today is the day to contact the team at the Great Lakes Foot & Ankle Centers. After an examination, the professional will determine if some type of procedure is in order, or if the problem can be resolved using some other kind of treatment. Whatever course of action is taken, the patient can look forward to getting rid of the pain and being able to move around with greater ease.

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