After Care For Tattoos In Fort Lauderdale

For those that make the decision to get a tattoo or multiple tattoos in Fort Lauderdale ensuring that the colors stay vibrant and that you avoid any risk of infection or skin injury after the process is essential.

The good news is that after the process is complete the staff at Salvation Tattoo Lounge will talk to you about how to correctly care for your tattoo during the healing process. By following the directions provided and avoiding things that may cause problems while the skin heals you can ensure that your tattoos in Fort Lauderdale look like new for years to come.

Immediately After Tattooing

It is important to keep the tattoo lightly covered for at least one to two hours after the process, but then, after washing and drying your hands, remove the gauze or bandage.

Sometimes with tattoos in Fort Lauderdale the bandage may stick to the skin, simply use fresh, cool water to run over the bandage and remove. Never soak the area with the bandage and avoid any prolonged water exposure such as soaking in bathtubs, pools, or even going swimming in fresh or salt water.

Use a gentle soap that does not contain alcohol or perfumes to wash the tattoo and remove any discharge, slight traces of blood or any excess material from the surface. Do not scrub and do not apply any ointment to the area now or during the healing process and leave the tattoo uncovered unless directed otherwise.

For the Next Two To Three Weeks

Wash the tattoo in the shower or on its own morning and night with that mild non-fragrance and non- alcohol soap twice a day. You will notice the skin begins to dry and flake after the second or third day on most new tattoos in Fort Lauderdale. Allow the flakes to come off naturally and do not peel or pick at the skin.

To help with dry, flaky skin, which is very normal, you can use a drop or two of non-fragranced hand lotion. Ask your tattoo artist which brand they recommend and apply just a very small amount after washing.

Within two to three weeks the healing process will be completed. At this time it is still important to protect your tattoos in Fort Lauderdale from direct exposure to the sun by using sun block whenever you are outside.


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