After Being Arrested, Contact a Domestic Violence Lawyer in Commack as Quickly as Possible

A person who has been arrested and charged with domestic violence is facing serious repercussions, both in the legal sense and in their personal life. They are facing fines and jail time as well as difficulty finding a job or a place to live in the future. They may even have trouble in other areas if they’re convicted of a felony and may have a hard time moving past the conviction and moving on with their life. Before they do anything else, they’ll want to contact a Domestic Violence Lawyer in Commack.

It’s important for a person charged with this type of crime to avoid contacting the victim at all. Often, there will be a no-contact order in place and any violation of this could mean the person returns to jail and has further charges added on to their case. For instance, if they contact the victim despite a no-contact order to try to get the victim to drop the charges, they could face charges of violating the no-contact order as well as charges of tampering with a witness, both of which can be incredibly serious.

Once the person is able to contact a lawyer, they can get advice on what they should do before the case is completed to try to get a better outcome for their situation. They can also find out what evidence is against them and whether they have a chance of the charges being dropped or if they should accept a plea bargain. Each case is going to be different, so speaking with a lawyer is necessary. The lawyer has a significant amount of experience in this area and can help the person get a better outcome and help them avoid further charges while they await the final outcome of their case.

If you’ve been arrested and charged with domestic violence, make sure you do not contact the victim and do not talk to anyone else about the case. Anything you say could get back to the investigators, even accidentally, and you could face more serious charges. Instead, contact a Domestic Violence Lawyer in Commack as quickly as possible for help and advice. To learn more, contact Todd J. Zimmer & Associates now.


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