Affordable Auto Insurance Coverage for All Drivers in the Chicago Area

No matter whether a driver has a spotless driving record or made mistakes along the way, everyone is required to have auto insurance. And everyone should have the opportunity to get affordable auto insurance at the lowest rates possible.

Necessary Coverage

The mission behind cheap auto insurance in Chicago and the surrounding areas is to provide drivers with the lowest rates available while still offering outstanding customer service and the insurance plans they need. There’s no telling when something may happen, and all drivers need affordable and personalized options from a trusted provider.

Insurance With a Bad Record

Tickets and accidents can make a significant difference in insurance costs, and a poor driving record can be a hurdle to finding cheap auto insurance in Chicago. That doesn’t mean spending major amounts of money is the only alternative. Experts in auto insurance in the Chicago area will work with drivers to keep the price in an affordable range without losing the required coverage.

Getting SR-22 Insurance

Drivers considered to have a higher risk level due to prior incidents and inadequate liability insurance may be required to carry an SR-22 certification of financial responsibility. Auto insurance specialists in the Chicago area can help with filing an SR-22 and getting the cheapest SR-22 policy that meets the driver’s needs.

Ideal Insurance in the Chicago Area

Accidents and tickets happen. Specialists in auto insurance since 1992 can offer cheap auto insurance in Chicago and the greater metropolitan area and help even drivers with tickets, a record of accidents or a suspended, international or out-of-state license save money. Contact Accurate Auto Insurance at 1-800-999-1034 or drop in a zip code online at for an instant quote.


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